Getting Cabin Fever? Try the Best Card Game You May Have Never Heard About!

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2020 has started out rather strangely, dont you think? Here we are, in a shelter in place order, and we thought that the strangest (or worst) part of the year was going to be a contentious presidential election. As is the case, for me at least, once I think it can’t get stranger – in comes fate to teach me otherwise. Who could imagine the fights for and runs on toilet paper, not to mention shelter in place? 

At first, the shelter in place sounded like a fun little break. Growing up in Colorado, we could count on snow days to break the long winter, and I loved curling up with a fire and good book or movie to watch. That’s great for a day or two, but as we’ve all discovered, gets old pretty fast! 

My spouse and I regularly give and receive games for holidays, birthdays, etc. Since space is a premium, we, like our neighbors at Imperial Trailer Village, a leading Los Angeles RV park, look to fill our home with smaller items that return the most joy. Our children know that we look for this quality, and gifted accordingly. This past year, they sent us a new card game, Fantasy Realms. It’s become our favorite go-to, and boy, have we gone-to over the last few weeks! 

Not heard of it? Neither had we! The card game is seemingly simple upon opening, but yields a superb re-play factor. There are 12 suits, although they are more akin to categories, and your build your hand by collecting cards and discarding until the set number of cards in the discard array is met. The object of the game is to score the highest score possible. Each card has a face value as well as bonus/penalties that can boost your hand or wipe it out.  

This is where it gets interesting. In fact, WizKids recommends use of their scoring app (Apple and Android) to automatically calculate your score. You can add the cards from your hand into the app as you go, to test various scenarios. At first, my partner and I were stumbling along, but after about three hands and using the app, we caught the bug and haven’t looked back. Game play for 2 is about 20 minutes.  

I highly recommend adding it to your collection! 

Please note that Imperial Trailer Village, one of the premier Los Angeles trailer parks, is not affiliated with WizKids ( or any entity selling this product. We are only recommending the game as it may be of some interest to our readers.  

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