Don’t be a Jerk – Stay Home if You’re Sick

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Somewhere in the collective consciousness of the United States, there is a belief that in order to be appreciated at the workplace, you need to work through any situation and earn bonus points for working through any situation – especially illness. At this time of year, it is not only unwise to do so, it can be downright dangerous. The elderly, young, or otherwise immune-compromised can easily pick up your germs and become ill, and in some cases, die.  

With the heightened public awareness of the new Coronavirus from China, we’re taking a moment to remind all of the precautions that should be taken for everyday illnesses and how we can work together to keep our community from Imperial Trailer Villagea leading Los Angeles RV park, and neighbors healthy.  

Stay home if you are sick 

With options from many employers to work from home, stay home if you have a fever, runny nose, coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea. Any of these can show an active virus that can be spread. Not only do you prevent sharing the bug, you can rest and heal more quickly. Children should be kept home from school if they are sick as well.  

Cold or flu – or worse? 

You did get your flu shot, didn’t you? If not, why not? Flu vaccines have long been the primary defense against the flu. Doctors recommend that if you fall sick quickly for you to get a quick appointment so that you can take advantage of anti-flu medications that can shorten the duration of the flu.  

Colds typically don’t cause fevers or come on as suddenly. If you have knowingly been exposed to the flu or have other questions, it is best to contact your healthcare professional. As far as the Coronavirus, the risk to Los Angeleños is minimal. If you have contact with someone who has been in China during the last month or so, please inform your doctor. 

At Imperial Trailer Village, we care about our residents and ask that you practice wisdom and consideration if you are sick and reduce your exposure to others. By so doing, your risk to your friends and neighbors at our Los Angeles trailer park well during this time of year. 

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