Improving RV/Trailer Energy Efficiency in the Summer Months in Los Angeles

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Steve Martin, playing a meteorologist in the classic comedy, L.A. Story prerecords his weather reports so he can take a weekend off. He predicts weekend weather of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and dry. While this is the typical forecast for the area, since this is a comedy, of course he is wrong, and a storm hits. Despite the moderate temperatures that bring many to our area, living in an RV or Trailer during the summer can present some challenges in maintaining a comfortable temperature in an RV or trailer.

Several of our residents of Imperial Trailer Village, a long-time leader of Los Angeles RV Parks, have shared their best tips for all to benefit from their experience.

Window Tints

While many RVs or trailer homes have some tinting on their windows, increasing the tint can be beneficial to keeping the sunlight and heat out as well as to improve privacy. Even though we’re like a big family, everyone still likes having their privacy, right? You can either hire a professional to tint your windows or do it yourself. Doing it yourself is not difficult, but can be frustrating with bubbling, etc. Many of our residents, past and present, who have gone this route, have found that the added cost of hiring a professional is worth avoiding the hassle.

Add some more insulation

Depending on when your home was built, your insulation may need an upgrade. Obviously, the older homes will be more likely to be less insulated. We’ve heard reports of a 1995 trailer home that, when upgrading insulation, the owners found a ¼ inch layer of Styrofoam and several pairs of tube socks were all that was used. We don’t even want to guess on that one! This typically is a larger investment, but one that is highly effective.

Upgrade your window covering

Blinds are an amazing addition to your home and vary in their ability to block sunlight and heat, not to mention provides privacy.

Vinyl mini-blinds are low-cost, easily adapted to different sizes, and can provide for your basic needs. Life hack – if you want to maintain privacy and the window is above the level from which a Peeping Tom would be lurking, turn the blinds up when closing. If you are at eye-level with a passerby or below, turn the blinds down. This will give you the maximum privacy with the small gaps in the slats of mini-blinds aimed at the ceiling or floor.

Plantation blinds are an upgrade to mini-blinds, typically made of wood, and have wider slats. They perform better than vinyl mini-blinds, but not as well as the more “full-coverage” solutions listed below.

Pleated blinds give a combination of the coverage of a pull-down shade with the convenience of blinds. These are good at keeping out the light and some heat. They are not as good as the cellular blinds but are less expensive and easier to clean than cellular or honeycomb blinds.

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are the gold standard. They are made with multiple layers of fabric that, like pleated blinds, provide complete coverage, without the slat space. They are more expensive than slat blinds or pleated blinds.

If you have any other tips that you’d like to share with your neighbors at Imperial Trailer Village – the best trailer park in Los Angeles, please let us know.

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