Starting spring off right

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April is finally here, with warmer weather, rain storms, and the difficult decision of whether you need to dress in warm clothes or not. One of the most difficult spring time activities is scheduling and completing your spring cleaning projects. There are so many different events and activities that take up a lot of time in the spring. There are baseball and softball games, soccer games, gardening in preparation for the summer, and so much more. It can be hard to find enough time to complete any spring cleaning you need to do. 


The best way to find time is to schedule it. Get a complete calendar of any events you and your family have and get an idea of when you will have down time. Once you know what time you have put your spring cleaning on the calendar and let your family know what day you want all of them to be there to help. This communication can help everyone be prepared to get the job done. It will not come as a shock, and everyone will have to make sure they do not schedule any plans over it. 


Buy any cleaning products and other supplies a few days in advance. Take an inventory of everything you have already, then make a list of what you need. This will help you avoid last minute store runs for any products you do not have or that you run out of mid-clean. Other supplies could include: plastic bags, extra storage containers, buckets, and washcloths. 


Getting your spring cleaning done will help your Los Angeles Trailer Park trailer be ready for all of your summer adventures. Having everything organized will help you save time when finding things. Any excess items can be removed leaving your home to feel less cluttered. Take the time now to help you have an enjoyable rest of your spring, and a fantastic summer.



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