Fun Activities You Can do in a Small Space

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Los Angeles RV Parks provides a great place for you and your RV to stay. It has a great community where you can really settle in and stay for a while. In a place like an RV park you may not have as much space as other areas but that is not to worry because there are so many fun things that you can do with the space you have. 


If you have kids you can create some fun games to play. These games can be as simple as a game of catch outside. If you need to clean your RV instead of taking it somewhere to clean, have a family RV cleaning day and scrub away. You can even have a family movie night. It honestly does not matter what space you have or what you do, what matters is that you have some fun quality time with your kids. 


If you don’t have kids you can still have tons of fun with the space you have. If you have some old card or board games you can pull them out. Invite some friends over to have a game night. Game nights are great fun and they can even get a little competitive. If you want to just relax you can just pull a chair outside and just listen to all the wonderful sounds that you can hear. 


Don’t forget about all of our community activities as well. We offer many activities for all ages. We have recreation for kids, an adults sports program, and we even have a senior citizens club. There are also parks and recreation areas that you can use anytime.  If you ever want to know about everything we offer you can look online or just give us a call and we will be happy to share with you.



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