Preparing your trailer for the spring

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It is February, and spring is just around the corner. In some places it is already heating up and there are signs that the seasons are changing. There is more green springing up, and the days are filled with more sunlight. This season change also means our Los Angeles Trailer Park residents will need to de-winterize their trailers and RVs. Preparing for spring in a  trailer can seem like a large task, but by breaking it down and following steps you can maximize your time and get the job done. The climate you live in will vary and some places warm up sooner than others. Once it is finally warming up in your area you can get started. 


Bringing your spring and summer items out of storage is a huge part of getting ready. This could be clothes, tools, outside play equipment for children, and other outdoor items. Get these items out and rebuild or set them up. This list could also include any outdoor furniture or fire pits you will want out over the summer. Think about any plants you wish to grow and take care of for the upcoming seasons. This is a great time to get the supplies ready, even if you will not be planting yet. 


Clean out your home. This is the time to get your spring cleaning done. Organize your trailer so it is all set and ready for all of your fun summer adventures. Get your summer wardrobe organized and cleaned out as well. Go through every area and deep clean it. Go through all of your stuff and get rid of any junk or items you simply do not use anymore. All of these little projects will combine to make your trailer feel clean and refreshed. You will be ready to have a fun and enjoyable spring. 



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