RV Utilities

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What utilities does an RV have? If you are staying at Los Angeles Trailer Park then you will have all the utilities that you would have in a home. In a trailer the utilities are very easy to use and access. While staying at our trailer village you will have the chance to have all the utilities you want.


An RV is just like a small home in the sense that you will have all of the necessities you need. You can bathe, shower, cook, use the bathroom, and have electricity. It is just like living in a tiny home. This can be a pretty fun and unique experience. 


Water is always included if you are ready to come and stay with us. We also offer a house rental that comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is also kitchen space with a counter. In the bathroom there is also a two sink bathroom. In our vicinities we also have two washers and two dryers that can be used at any time. 


If you go on a road trip with your trailer you can also have access to utilities but it is for a short period of time. After this time is over you will need to go somewhere and get a utility hook up. There are places that you can go and empty your tank and then go fill back up somewhere else. This can be a great way to go out and explore. If you want to go on a long road trip an RV is the perfect vehicle for you and if you ever want to find a place to stay you can stay with us.


If you are looking for a space to set your RV or looking for a place that has a small house, Imperial Trailer Village is your place. If you have any questions about our village or are interested in our vacancies please give us a call today!



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