Creating more storage space in your trailer

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Trailers tend to be smaller in size when compared to a small home. There are less rooms, and smaller areas. This means there is less storage available for use. While this is true, there are ways to utilize the space available and create more storage for clothing and other belongings. All it takes is some creativity and good storage containers. Find more storage can make your trailer at a Trailer Park Los Angeles feel less cluttered and cleaner.


Use vertical space

The floor plans of a trail or RV usually do not leave room for storage containers to be on the floor. Instead of using floor space use your walls for vertical space. There are a variety of products that are hangable containers that can be placed in a closet or in an empty space. Get collapsible canvas shelves that can be put up or taken down at any time. This gives your a better way to utilize the closet space instead of only hanging clothes and filling less than half of the closet. 


In the bathroom find hangable baskets to place your toiletries in. Cabinets space may be limited but getting towel rods and simple containers can make a perfect DIY storage space. There are also hangable toiletry holders that will fit everything you need without needing drawers. 


Stay organized

When your trailer is cluttered and disorganized it seems like there is a lot less room. Everything feels tighter and smaller. Getting containers that can condense the mess and keep everything organized. Have designated places for everything, this will allow you to know where everything is at any time. 


Use space under beds

The space under a bed is a perfect spot to put boxes and other items. Get a bed frame that has drawers and storage built into the frame. 



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