Packing clothing for long term storage

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Living in a trailer gives you more freedom to travel and explore the world, but that does mean leaving belonging behind. Packing up belongings and putting them into long term storage at a relative house or a storage unit can be time consuming. One of the hard things to pack is clothes. Clothes should be packed in a certain way to help you avoid any damages or stains that can happen when clothes are stored for a long time. Here are a few ways to help you pack clothes: 


Wash your clothes

Before starting the packing process wash all of your clothes going into storage. Even though your clothes may not appear dirty, they can still contain dirty and other things that can damage your clothes. Be sure to get out all of the food stains you can, because these stains will attract pests. Once everything is washed you can begin to pack. 


Get plastic storage containers

While it is more cost effective to use plastic bags or cardboard boxes for packing, it is not a good way to preserve your clothes. Using plastic bins with lids that seal tight is the best way to preserve clothing. These bins will keep dust, humidity, and pests out of your clothes. Be sure to not pack the boxes too tight as clothes need some airflow. If possible keep your boxes off the floor, this can help keep pests out of your boxes. 


Re-fold clothes every few years

Clothes can become creases if they are not moved around, aired out, and re-folded every 1-2 years. Taking the time to re-fold your clothes also gives you the chance to go through them all and find any damaged items. 


We hope you enjoy the freedom living in a Los Angeles RV Park gives you. 







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