Back to school

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It is July, but the back to school displays are already up. Summer is almost over, and it is time to start getting ready for school. Everyone needs to get ready: students, parents, teachers, assistants, principals, and the secretaries. Your Trailer Park Los Angeles will be quieter and emptied again. 


It can be hard to prepare kids to go back to school. They are so used to staying up late and not having a set schedule. Getting kids used to a school schedule before school starts can help kids adjust faster. Start getting kids to bed sooner and closer to the time they will for school. Having your kids wake up early can also help prepare them. 


COVID-19 has changed the way schooling happens. There are in person, fully online, and hybrid options. Be on the lookout for any information your school district sends out about their COVID changes and what they will be doing this year. If your school is offering more than one option there is a decision to be made. Consult with your spouse or partner to decide what would be the most beneficial for your child or children. 


Once you know how your child or children will be learning this year a list of supplies can be made. The supplies will vary from child to child depending on grade and the type of classes your kids are taking. Back to school clothes shopping may also need to be done. 


The start of a new school year is exciting and stressful. Getting ahead on school supplies and clothes shopping can get you ahead. Starting sooner can help you avoid crowds and the chance of something going out of stock. It is better to be done weeks early than rushing days before. We hope you start the school year of right, and can have a stress free back to school. 





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