Cheap and easy summer activities

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During the summer months it can be hard to find activities to do. Staying on budget and having a good time is difficult to balance. All you have to do is think outside the box, and use a little creativity. Here are a few cheap fun summer activities ideas to get you started. 


Be a “tourist” in your town

We have all been guilty of taking the things we live around for granted. There are unique and cool places all around you. Look into famous local attractions like historical sites, parks, art exhibits, theme parks, nature formations, etc… If you want the full tourist experience visit local tourist traps. Make it a staycation, where instead of exploring a new city you explore your own. Going on a staycation can save you money and you get to sleep in your own bed and your Los Angeles RV Park.


Visit the library

Going to the library is a great way to stay out of the heat and learn something new. Kids will love getting to read and enjoy the creative environment and you can look for some books to enjoy. Many libraries offer free or inexpensive classes for adults, teens, and children. Check your local library’s website to get information and look at their schedule. 


Go on a day trip

If a full vacation is not an option for you this summer, going on a day trip is a great alternative. A well planned day trip can be just as fun as a vacation. When planning a day trip try to have a set plan a few days before you go. Plan the route you will be taking and where you will be going. If planning is not your thing just wing it, but have a general idea of where you are going. 


We hope you have a fun-filled summer!






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