How to babyproof an RV

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Babies are fun, adventures, and curious. That means they are also great at getting into trouble. Baby Proofing is challenging, and living in an RV can make baby proofing even harder. Making your RV safe may be time consuming but in the long run it will be worth it. Some RVs have built in locked cabinets that can help so go through and see what features your RV already has. Here are a few tips to help you keep your little ones safe and happy. 


An RV has a lot of hazardous things within a smaller area than a normal house would. It can seem daunting so start small. Start with appliances and electrical outlets. Most grocery stores carry electric outlets covers, these covers prevent kids from sticking their fingers in the holes and getting electrocuted. There are devices called stove guards that can keep curious hands away from your hot stove. If possible keep appliances in places that are harder to reach. Kids might not be at risk for getting hurt when messing with your appliances, but the appliances could be harmed. 


If there are rooms or places that you want your child keep our pf consider purchasing door knob covers. These covers are near impossible for kids to open. But do not worry adults and older kids will have no problem. Baby gates are another great way to keep kids in a safe confined space. Baby gates can also be used to block entrances, like the front door of your RV. 


RVs have many sharp corners and other things that can poke and hurt. Before you bring your baby home go through and find hazardous things so you can babyproof your home. Find the sharp corners, there are a variety of corner covers that can be used. 

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