Creative ways to keep a kids room clean

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Trying to keep a kids room clean can be a nightmare. Kids love playing and having fun, not cleaning and organizing. Here are a few ways to eliminate a mess and help kids want to clean up. 


Get your kids involved

Kids love having the opportunity to hangout with their parents. Work alongside your kids instead of instructing and supervising. They will appreciate the time you spend with them. You can use this time to make memories and build a better relationship. It can be harder with younger kids, they are not able to do very much. Find ways they can help. They could sort and fold socks, pick up their toys or dust their dresser. Doing this can reinforce habits and help kids learn how to clean. Keep your kids helping and occupied while you do the deep cleaning. 


Organize and take inventory

Organizing your kid’s room can help them keep their room cleaner. They will know where certain things go. Other items can be put to use in other places. Find things your child no longer uses or has grown out of. These can be donated to a local food pantry, charity, or a family that is in need that lives in your Los Angeles Trailer Park. If there are things that you want to keep but do not have room for, put them in a storage unit. 


Get fun containers

Having containers can minimize space used and keep things in the right place. Talk with your child about where things will be expected to go. They can know what you want them to do. Making labels is also a great way to help your kids remember where things go. There are an assortment of DIY’s out there that can help you make a cute container your kids will love. 

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