Tips for packing a moving truck

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Moving can be stressful but at least you will not have to worry about how to pack your moving truck. Here are a couple of helpful tips for maximizing your storage space in your truck. 

Know what size of truck you need for your project

Before reserving a truck be sure to do some research and find the right moving truck to hire. Then take stock of what you are moving and get a truck that will be a good size. Most companies have a large selection of trucks to choose from. Use their provided sizing guide to help you find the right truck for your move. Using a smaller truck might seem like it will save you money but in the long run you will have to rent the truck for more time. This will also take more time to complete the move to your Trailer Park Los Angeles trailer. If you need more help contact your moving truck company. 


Ask for help

Moving is not a one person job. Especially if the items being moved are heavy. Moving heavy objects is dangerous without help, and it can lead to personal injury. Your move will also take a lot longer. Reach out to your friends and family and ask for help. Everything will run smoother, be safer, and faster. It will also make the move funnier and you can make memories. 


Gather all of the necessary supplies before you start

Before you start gather all of the supplies you will need to have a successful move. That could include boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, furniture pads, and a dolly. It is important to have everything packaged in a way the protects your items. 


Load everything in order from heaviest and biggest to lightest and smallest

Once you are ready to start loading your truck up there are a few things to know. Load everything in a certain order. Start with your heaviest and biggest objects. This will balance the weight of the truck and will ensure the more fragile items you are moving. Placing your heaviest items near the cab on the drivers side will also help with the weight distribution. Take note of where your fragile items are and place them in a safe spot. Remember where they are and be careful when removing them from the truck. 


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