Fun things to do to keep kids occupied on a road trip

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All parents know the struggle of entertaining kids while on a road trip or even just a longer car ride. Kids get bored and grumpy when they are stuck in the car. But, luckily there are a lot of simple and fun ways to help make road trips more enjoyable for the kids and for you. 


Playing music in the car and jamming out can be super fun, and it does not cost anything. Everyone can get into it and make some memories to last a lifetime. Another thing that does not cost any money is talking to your kids, telling the stories about your life, about when you were their age. 


Some things that take up more time and entertain kids for a longer span of time are, finding a movie for them to watch or bringing coloring books and crayons. Find some coloring books with various activities such as crossword puzzles, sudokus, or find the words. There are many ways to have kids watch a movie, they can use a tablet, computer, phone, or a device made for this specific reason. This can keep kids content and happy for hours at a time. 


If you’re looking for a quick fix there are a lot of entertaining apps that are easy to download and play. There is something for everyone. 


One of the most important things is to have snacks. Snacks make everyone’s car ride more enjoyable, and it can keep kids from becoming grumpy for a short amount of time. But this has some downsides as snacks tend to lead to a mess in the car. When packing snacks make snacks that will not make a big mess or will not make a mess at all. 


But the number one thing to remember is that whatever you do it better be fun, and help you make fun family memories. And when you have returned home or to your spot at a Los Angeles RV Parks, you will still remember all of the fun things you did together. 

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