Prepping Your Trailer For Long-Term Storage

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Whether you are planning on storing your RV or trailer for a long period of time or just a few months there are some things you will want to remember to do to get it prepped and in good condition. Before all of that, you will want to find a good place to store it that will keep it secure. Look for on-site security cameras and housing when choosing a location. Now, here are some helpful tips to get your RV ready for storage:


Clean and check the seals

Give your RV or trailer a good wash and wax. Not only will waxing help protect it from sun damage, it will also make cleaning up after storage that much easier. Once the cleaning is complete, take a closer look at the seals. If anything is cracked or worn down, you’ll want to repair it before putting it in storage.


Keep out bugs and rodents

The first tool of prevention here is to make sure all openings are blocked off or screened. Bugs usually settle into rooftop plumbing vents, the furnace exhaust and air intake piping, and inside the exterior fridge panel and vent. If you really want to make sure you don’t develop a rodent problem during storage, remember to remove all sources of food and nesting material. Don’t even leave toothpaste, soap and paper towels behind.


Finally, check on your vehicle. It is worth coming and checking on your trailer from time to time. Problems can quickly arise even if you have taken the proper precautions. Some things you’ll want to look for while taking a quick overview are signs of rodent droppings or moisture intrusion. You’ll want to get these taken care of as quickly as possible before it becomes a bigger problem.


Do you have any helpful tips to getting your RV ready for storage? Our residents and staff at Imperial Trailer Village would love to share them!

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