What you Don’t Need when Traveling in your RV

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When you are preparing for your long RV trip you may think that you must pack everything you could possibly need, just in case. Doing this will often turn out to be a waste of time and worse, a waste of precious space in your RV. Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles prides itself on its RV Park and of course, RV enthusiasts. We have gathered some items you should keep out of the RV during your trip so you can have the best experience possible.


Food and Kitchen Appliances

You might be thinking that you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink in order to be comfortable during your RV travels. This however isn’t true. It is best to stick with the basics of what you need. Take the kitchenware and appliances you will use most often, and leave the gourmet indulgences at home. The same thing goes for canned goods. While it is okay to pack a few, packing large amounts of canned goods just in case will be a waste of money and much needed cabinet space. Pack what you know you will eat. Make a meal plan if that will help ease your mind and help you in planning just how much food you need to bring.


Empty your Tank

The one thing that we often choose not to think about, is how full our tanks are in our RV. Hauling around 100 gallons of waste or fresh water can add an extreme amount of weight to your RV and make your gas mileage terrible. Get in the habit of dumping your tanks early and often to help you in conserving space and most importantly, weight.


Extra Vehicles

While it is a good idea to tow a vehicle that is easier to get you from point A to B while you are camped, you do not want to haul around something that causes an excessive amount of weight and is terrible when it comes to gas mileage. If you need a vehicle to help you get around, bring one that is small, light, and great on gas.



Having tools on hand to do a quick repair or two on your RV is always a good idea. Having all of the hardware appliances you own along for the ride is not. Take what you know you can use to fix your RV by hand. Lighter tools are better. For larger repairs, you will just end up taking it to a mechanic anyways.


“Just in case” thinking will often make it so your RV is overly loaded and cramped with items you just don’t need. As you travel more you will get a better idea of what you need on your long RV trips. When you are due for a rest and are in the Los Angeles area, you are always welcome at Imperial Trailer Village’s RV Park. We can give you the comfort and space you need for you and your RV. 

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