Tips For Successful Potted Plants

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Potted plants are a great way to add beauty to any space. Every plant needs the right soil, water, light and fertilizer, but potted plants need a little bit more attention. Here is guide form our Los Angeles RV Park Experts to having success with potted plants:



Potted plants should be grown in a potting mix that doesn’t contain soil. Garden soil is often too heavy and it may cause to roots to be compacted, thus cutting off their oxygen.



Did you know that overwatering kills more potted plants than anything else? I guess too much of a good thing doesn’t always turn out very well! Cold water can harm the plants, so make sure to always use room temperature water. It is also a good idea to water plants in the morning so they have the ability to evaporate during the day. If a plant is kept wet during the nighttime hours, it is more prone to disease.


A huge must for potted plants is that the pots need to have a drainage hole so the plants do not sit in water. If any water is still sitting in the pot after an hour, remove it to prevent the roots from rotting.


How often should you water your potted plants? This soley depends on the type of plant, size of the pot and the weather. If your potted plants are outside, you may need to water them once or twice a day when the weather is hot, and less when it is colder. The bigger the container is, the less you will need to water. The material that your container is made out of will factor into this as well. A plant in a clay pot will need to be watered more frequently tan a plant in a plastic or ceramic pot.



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