Tips for Downsizing

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If you’re moving from a house to our Los Angeles RV Park, you may need to downsize your life just a little bit. Downsizing isn’t a bad thing; in fact, downsizing can be great in reducing stress and simplifying your life. Excess belongings are often just clutter. If you aren’t sure where to get started, read our tips for downsizing in a smaller home.

Make a List

First, make a list of all the items that you absolutely cannot live without. Those things at the very least can stay. This will make it easier to say goodbye to anything that doesn’t make the cut. Work with your family to make sure you aren’t getting rid of sentimental items or things that could cause grief later on.

Start Early

If you are planning on moving within a few months, start downsizing now. Take a little bit of time each day and go through a closet or a room to get rid of items you don’t need to take to the Los Angeles RV Park. Just a little bit of organizing each day will go a long ways and will make moving day much easier.

Go Digital

Filing cabinets full of papers are a thing of the past. You may want to hold onto just a few papers, especially those with sentimental value but everything else should be digitalized if possible. Sign up for online billing and unsubscribe from newspapers and magazines that you just aren’t reading anymore. If you receive a paper paycheck, ask your company to use direct deposit.

Donate What You Can

When getting rid of items, only toss in the trash if it is something that cannot be recycled or donated to charity. There are lots of people in need and your trash might just be something they could use. Unless an item is completely useless or in terrible condition, box it up and drop it off at a local charity, they’ll appreciate it.


We hope these tips help you on your quest to downsizing. If you have any questions about Los Angeles RV living, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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