Tips for Designing Small Spaces

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Tips for Designing Small Spaces

From our Los Angeles RV Park Experts 


Some might think it a futile thing to try and decorate their RV. With such a small space, adding décor could make it look too cluttered, right? Well, if you follow these easy tips from our Los Angeles RV Park experts, you will be able to have a nicely decorated and uncluttered RV home.


Don’t have too many colors. In a mobile home, you can usually stand at one end, and see everything in the trailer. By sticking to one color palette, will keep it from being overwhelming. Also, to make your place look larger, avoid using dark colors.


Make your furniture multi-task. Mobile homes have a huge lack of space, so furniture that allows extra space is a great idea. Have a desk that pulls out to be a dining table, or a couch that pulls out into a bed.


Have some fun with it. A house is not a home without things that you love. Wallpaper or pictures can add some visual interest.


Use every inch of wall space. Instead of drawers, knives and utensils will hang on the walls. Install cabinets above the desk, bed, or couch to provide extra storage.

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