Reasons you Need to Declutter your RV or Mobile Home

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Imperial Trailer Village is an RV Park in Los Angeles California that loves its residents and wants them to feel at home. To help you feel at home in our RV Park we have gathered some helpful tips to help you in creating a decluttered and relaxing space, no matter if it is in you RV or your mobile home. Check out some of the reasons why you need to declutter your living space below.

Mess = Stress

According to researchers at UCLA’s Center of Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), there’s a link between high cortisol (a stress hormone) in women who own homes with a “high density of household objects.” This means that a messy home will actually cause one to be stressed out. Taking the time to remove the clutter can actually decrease stress levels.

Overeating and Weight Gain

The increased stress from the mess in your home will actually cause you to overeat and gain weight. Decluttering your home can help you to declutter other areas of your life as well. When you are exercising and on a diet the last thing you want to do is come home to a mess of a house. Clean up your life by decluttering your home.

Costing you Money

With the mess in your home you are more apt to miss important bills that have not been paid causing you to rack up late fees. Having a decluttered living space and organized mail solution can actually save you money and the stress of accruing late fees.

Fostering Germs and Pests

Clutter is proven to hide those germs and pests you do not want in your home. They hide in the untouched and messy areas in your home making it hazardous for your health.


When you are trying to leave your home it is always a hassle trying to search for what you need in a messy home. You waste time digging through piles of clutter and you end up being late. When your home is organized and put together you can easily grab and go.


Having a cluttered home is actually very dangerous. If you have things lying on the floor or teetering on shelves you increase the chances of you getting hurt, especially when you are driving around your RV. Having a clean home will make sure you aren’t in harm’s way of a trip and fall or an unexpected avalanche.

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