Pros and Cons of Full Time RV Living

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Have you been thinking about making a lifestyle change and try full-time RV Living instead? To help you in your choice we at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles have gathered some pros and cons for you to consider before you begin living your life on the road or in RV Parks. 



·       Smells seem amplified in such a small space.  The “off gassing” of two humans and one or two cats or dogs in a tiny space is a regular assortment of interesting and usually undesirable odors.

·       Campfires – For recreational campers, building a fire at the campsite is a part of the experience. For full-time RVers, campfire smoke is like dense pollution that quickly fills every square inch of the RV with little escape, minus a strong breeze in the other direction.

·       Things break a lot since RVs are houses that are subjected to the abuse of highways and roadways at 60+ mph.  Many of the systems in RVs are of questionable quality to begin with, and after a decade and 50,000 miles things fail with some regularity.

·       Maintaining a budget – With fluctuating costs it is very difficult to maintain a regular budget.

·       Unfamiliarity with local service providers is difficult.  Finding a good mechanic, haircut, notary public, medical and dental care and just about everything else can be a challenge.  Luckily with online reviews the troubles are lessened.



·       The ability to travel and seeing and experiencing new places is exciting!

·       Easy clean up – It takes only 10-15 minutes to entirely clean the inside of the RV.

·       Simplicity – the lifestyle demands simplicity which leads to less stress and a lack of want. A nice change to what we seem to experience every day.

·       Nature – regularly being connected with nature develops an appreciation for the natural world and nourishes the spirit.

·       Lack of routine – we find that by breaking out of routine and the comfort of familiarity, it opens us up to growth and by regularly having new experiences, life tends to slow down. We then learn to appreciate what we have around us in the present.


Taking into consideration the pros and cons listed above you can now make an informed decision on if full time RV living is right for you. We at Imperial Trailer Village hope you can make it to our beautiful RV Park here in Los Angeles. Check out our website for more information. 

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