Organizing your Small Kitchen

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We at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles want to provide you with a place that feels like home. Doing that in an RV Park can be possible with the right organization of your home. RV’s and Mobile homes aren’t known for their large kitchens. There are ways to conquer the clutter in your kitchen and have a clean and organized space, regardless of size. Below are some tips and tricks to consider when organizing your kitchen. 


Maximize Sink Storage Space

Under the sink storage is the best place to store the variety of cleaning supplies you need for your home. Take advantage of the space you have by using every inch of it. Installing hanging storage on the inside of your cabinets is a great way to keep small cleaning supplies within reach. Using two Command Hooks and a small wire basket within your cupboard can give you some additional storage as well. If you are really wanting to get the most out of your cupboard space you can install rolling cabinet storage. 


Maximize your Counter Space

Most small kitchens are very limited when it comes to counter space. There are a few tricks you can try to get the most out of what counter space you have available. An over the sink cutting board is perfect when you are in need of space while preparing a meal. Installing over the sink shelving is a great way to reduce some of the clutter around your sink as well. Instead of having your cooking utensils stored on the counter you can install hooks and hang them from your wall or off the side of your cabinets. Just make sure they are within reach of your stove for ease of use. 


Maximizing Cabinet Space

Get the most out of your cabinets by using every square inch. You can do this by thinking smart and organized. Pot and pan organizers are a great way to fit more into a smaller space. Install more shelving in your cabinets that store the smaller kitchen ware such as cups and Tupperware. Using hooks to hang measuring cups or cooking utensils on the inside of your cupboard doors is another option. 


When it comes to fitting the most in a small kitchen it will take some creativity, but it is possible. Living and loving your home at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles is our goal. To learn more about our RV Park and if it is the right space for you, stop by or give us a call today. 

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