Organizing your Small Bathroom

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Bathrooms are known to be too small for the amount of things you wish to keep in them. When organizing your trailer, mobile, or RV at Imperial Trailer Village, an RV park in Los Angeles, you will want to maximize any storage space you may have. Below are some tips you can follow to help you in maximizing the storage space you have in your small bathroom. 


Building under the sink storage can provide you with a large amount of space to store your toiletries and other bathroom accessories. Install shelving under your sink to help you in storing more. Stay organized and put your items in plastic bins and dividers so you can easily find what you are looking for. 


Mounting baskets in your bathroom is a creative and useful way to store a variety of bathroom items. These are best used for those items you wish to keep dry and out of the way. 


Cabinet doors can also be used to store a variety of small items. You can easily mount temporary hooks or holders on the cabinet door to hold the bathroom accessories you use on a day to day basis. This keeps them organized and out of the way. 


Shelving placed on unused wall space can give you an easy solution when it comes to finding additional storage space. Shelves could also be placed above the door in your bathroom, adding a personal touch to your bathroom décor. Shelves are very versatile and can hold a variety of items that you will need to keep in your bathroom. 


Magnetic strips can be used as a creative trick in storing bathroom accessories such as bobby pins, tweezers, and scissors. These small items often get lost in the clutter of a bathroom. Attach a small magnetic strip to the inside of your cupboard or medicine cabinet to keep track of these useful items. 


Spice racks can be just as useful in the bathroom as they are in the kitchen. Install the spice racks near your vanity and have ease of access to such items as make-up, soaps, hair sprays, and perfumes. This will keep your counter space clean and clear of the items you use the most. 


Hanging storage is a great way to fit in storage units in a very small bathroom. Hanging storage units can be hung from the ceiling in corners that are often left untouched, or even behind your door. Take advantage of the space you do have and fill it with useful storage options. 


At Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles, we want you to feel at home in our community. Following the tricks and tips above can help you to make your home be the way you have always wanted it to be. For more information on our RV park please contact us or stop by today. 

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