Organizing your RV

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RVs are known to be small and difficult to fit everything you could possibly need. During your stay at Imperial Trailer Village, an RV Park in Los Angeles, we hope you will stay for quite a while. In order to do this comfortably in your RV we have provided you with some organization tips and tricks you can use in order to make your RV feel more like home. 


  • Utilize all of your doors. This includes main doors, cupboards, and bathroom doors. You can easily install hanging storage on the inside of each door to hold a variety of small items you need access to on a daily basis. 


  • Over the cabinet waste baskets can save you a lot of floor space while making sure your trash doesn’t topple over if you are on the road. These can be purchase on Amazon for around $15. 


  • Use Velcro to keep things that are often lost in place such as television remotes. These can easily be misplaced in a small space. Placing Velcro next to your couch or television will help you keep track of your remotes. 


  • Hanging Cleaning Supplies from your ceiling can be the perfect solution when you are so tight on space. Installing brackets to the ceiling of your RV will keep your cleaning supplies out of the way and organized for when you need to use them. 


  • Suction cups with hooks will come in handy in a variety of places in your RV. You can mount these to the windows in your kitchen to hang kitchen utensils that you use most often. You can also mount these in your bathroom to hang small bathroom toiletries and towels out of the way. 


  • Hanging Baskets can provide you with a storage space you need throughout your RV. These multi-tiered baskets are perfect for storing a variety of items out of the way. 


  • Installing wall mounted magnet strips are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. Since you are tight on drawer and cupboard space in these areas you will need to find an area to store utensils or bathroom accessories. Take advantage of the wall space you have available with mounted magnetic strips. 


Living in a small space such as an RV might seem difficult at first, but with the tips and tricks listed above you can get the most out of the storage space you have available. You will love living at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles. Our RV Park is tailored to your comfort. For more information about our facility give us a call today. 

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