Making your Small Space Feel Larger

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RV’s and mobile homes aren’t known for their large spaces, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t feel large and spacious. We at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles, CA love seeing how the tenants in our RV Park make their homes feel spacious and welcoming. Below are some tips that will help you in making your small living space feel larger.


Contain Clutter

The reason most living rooms feel small is due to the amount of items you are keeping in your living space. For the majority of smaller items you need to store in your living room you can purchase bins to contain the clutter. Use bins that will fit on shelving or bookshelves and will look good when it comes to your décor. Think vertical when it comes to finding storage space. Use whatever wall space you can to install shelving, cubbies, and bookshelves.


Reflect Natural Light

One useful trick to make your living room feel larger is with the use of natural light and mirrors. Install a mirror of your choosing directly across from the window in your living room. The mirror will reflect all the natural light from the window around the room making it feel larger than it actually is. Avoid using heavy drapes and window coverings on your windows. These can make a room feel smaller.


Add Height

One easy trick to give your living room some much needed height is by installing wall décor or shelving higher up on the wall. This will trick your eye into thinking your ceilings are higher than they actually are. Consider the option of painting or adding wallpaper to the ceiling to add even more height.


Choosing Paint Color

When deciding on a paint color for your living room you will want to try and keep it light. Lighter hues will keep your living room feeling airy and spacious. You can add depth to your space by adding accent colors that pop with small items or areas such as a wall radiator or the insides of bookshelves. You can still have the color you have always dreamed of, just used in a way that will make your living space feel larger than it actually is.


Having a small living space doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel large and comfortable. With the tips above you can create the space you have always wanted. To learn more about our RV Park at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles, CA you can call us or visit our website. Check back often for more tips and tricks when it comes to living in your RV and/or mobile home. 

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