Local Ideas for Your Weekend Outing

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There are many benefits to living in a mobile home park. A couple of the biggest benefits are that it costs a fraction of what it costs to live in a single family home and another big benefit is that there is typically a lot less maintenance. While single family home owners spend their weekends on yard projects of other big projects associated with having larger homes, mobile homeowners are more fully enjoying their weekends. With the lower cost of living, they also have a higher percentage of their income for leisure. So if you’re looking to get out this weekend from your Los Angeles RV Park, here are a few ideas.


Find a New Beach


Our area beaches are amazing so it can be hard to want venture out to find a new beach. But if you feel adventurous one of these weekends, explore and find a new beach. South Orange County has several great beaches like Strands Beach in Dana Point. This is a beautiful small cove that is just past Salt Creek Beach Park. Strands Beach has great views. On certain days you can see Catalina Island and you may also see dolphins.


Go to the Museum


We are very fortunate to have many museums not far from our Los Angeles RV Park. Here are a few of our favorites:


·       Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Probably the largest museum in the area, you would be hard pressed to se it all in one day.

·       Natural History Museum. This museum opened in 1913 and has an amazing entrance with a 60+ foot-long whale skeleton. Recently renovated in 2013, there are several new exhibits and galleries.

·       Getty Center.  This majestic hilltop museum was originally planned as a home. How many museums have a tram to get there? Besides the great location and unique access, Getty has amazing exhibits and collections.


Free Things to Do


Are you on a tight budget? No worries, there are many great and free things to do in our area. When was the last time you strolled on the Venice canals? Then there’s a hike to Wisdom Tree at the summit of Burbank Peak. This tree somehow survived the 2007 wildfires. Take advantage of a free ranger guided hike at Griffith Park. And the list goes on.


Beyond our list of ideas, get creative and get out and enjoy your weekends. Freedom on the weekends – one of the many benefits of mobile park living.

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