How to RV with Kids

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A family vacation wouldn’t be complete without the kids in tow. Imperial Trailer Village is an RV Park in Los Angeles that would love to have you stay in comfort during your RV Family Vacation. To help you in making the traveling process a little easier for everyone involved we have gathered some tips for you to try below.


Choose the Right RV

The first step to any memorable family vacation is to choose the RV in which you will be spending the majority of your time. You will need one big enough to accommodate everyone’s needs. If at all possible, consider renting an RV that has extra sleeping options. Pay special attention to the RV Parks and campgrounds you plan to stay at along the way, some have size restrictions in regards to your RV.


Hook up When Possible

The RV options that are available to you make it seem like you are traveling on a house with wheels. To help you in getting the most out of your RV you will want to have the option to hook up at the RV Parks you stop at. If you are hesitant about hooking up or are unexperienced in doing so, just ask a neighbor for help.


Strategically Stock your Fridge

Each RV comes with its own set of amenities. This includes the size of the fridge. Once you have determined how much food storage space you have you can then begin the meal planning process. Make sure you keep extra snacks on hand for those hungry kids in between meals.


Pack Smart

With multiple people living in an RV you are going to need to pack smart. This means leaving behind the unnecessary clothing and items that just take up too much space. Labeled storage bins can help to keep everyone’s items in one place and prevent them from moving around too much while traveling. Don’t forget to pack something to keep the kids occupied as well. 


Traveling with kids can be a fun adventure if you are prepared. Using the tips above is a great way to get you started. Make sure you stop by Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles to get the rest you deserve. 

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