How to Celebrate the Holidays in your RV

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Just because you are spending this holiday season in the comforts of your RV doesn’t mean you can celebrate as you normal would. Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA wants your RV to easily be your home away from home. To help you do this we have gathered some ways you can celebrate this holiday season in your RV.



Depending if you are on the road or parked for a period of time will determine how much you can decorate. If you are on the road you can had some festive decorations to the dash of your RV and add a wreath to the grill. If you have the opportunity to stay in one location during the holidays you can add lights to the outside of your RV. You can even find a small tree and hang some stockings to make it feel more like home.


Gift Exchange

Nothing is better than getting your fellow RV travelers together for a gift exchange. Set up a white elephant gift exchange in your RV Park and everyone can bring a dish to share as they enjoy friends and fun! If you’ve never had a white elephant party before, you’re in for a real treat.


Cook the Holiday Classics

While you might be tight on space when it comes to your kitchen, you can always find a way to cook your holiday favorites with a little creativity. It might even be a good idea to host a Potluck in your RV Park for a festive dinner.


Attend Local Christmas Celebrations

If you are the road this holiday season it might be worth stopping by the nearest town to see what kind of holiday festivities they have planned for their local neighbors and friends. Many cities have events calendars that will let you know what’s happening on what day. You can have the opportunity to feel the holiday spirit and meet some wonderful people.


Spending the holidays in your RV doesn’t have to be a bore. You can easily celebrate the holidays from the comforts of your RV with the tips listed above. Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA welcomes you this holiday season. 

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