How to Befriend Your Neighbors

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Whether you are new to our Los Angeles RV Park, or have lived here for awhile, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to befriend your neighbors. We say the answer to this question is always yes! Sometimes it may seem difficult to approach your neighbors and start new friendships but there are some things you can do to make it easier. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have friends that are also your neighbors.



Bring a Welcome Gift

If you’ve just moved in, or someone has just moved in by you, a welcome gift is a great friendly gesture to show that you are happy to have them as your new neighbor. If you have already lived by this person for awhile, a gift can still be a welcoming surprise. Things like cookies and flowers are almost always appreciated by others.


Smile at Them

If you are just passing by a neighbor, a smile can go a long way and can even lead to conversation. So next time you see a neighbor, give them a warm, friendly smile and you may just see that it leads to a new friendship. People can always appreciate a smile. Avoiding people and not making eye contact will probably lead them to assume that you are too busy or not looking to make friends.


Start a Local Group

If you want to get a group of like-minded neighbors together, a local group is a great place to start. Not only will it help build friendships, it will help you build friendships with those who have similar interests as you. If you love to read, consider starting a book club. If you like movies, get together for a weekly movie night. The possibilities are endless.


Give Compliments

Everybody likes to receive a compliment, and your neighbors are no exception. When passing by, consider giving your neighbor a thoughtful compliment and it could be the start of a great relationship. It could be a comment about their flower garden or you could tell them how cute you think their new puppy is. Whatever the case, it will be appreciated.


Get to Know People by Name

If you are out and about your Los Angeles RV Park, get to know people by name and then use their name every time you see them. Remembering someone by name shows that you genuinely care and are thoughtful. This will help you build rapport with your neighbors and could lead to some long lasting friendships down the road.


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