Decorating your Rental

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At Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles you may be renting a mobile home in our RV Park. When renting you may be faced with the dilemma of not being able to decorate your new home as you wanted due to landlord restrictions. We want you to know that you can still add your own personal style to your new living space without the risk of ruining the integrity of your rental. Below are just some of the temporary décor you can try while living in your newly rented mobile home.


 •Command Hooks are a fast and easy way to add some personal touches to your home. Hanging curtain rods from command hooks gives you a creative way to put your jewelry or scarves on display in your bedroom. Command hooks can also be used when hanging decorative pieces. Command hooks easily come off when you want to change it up or move out without damaging the walls.


•Peel and Stick wall decals are perfect for when you want to add that special statement piece to your rented space. These come in a variety of patterns and quotes so you can choose which one fits your style. These also come off without damaging the paint or walls in your home.


•Temporary wallpaper is now available to those who rent. You can easily wallpaper your space to give it that personal touch. While it may appear to look like real wallpaper it is easier to put up and take off. Temporary wall paper comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose which one fits your décor the best.


•Tapestries can make your space feel cozy and give your space that much needed statement piece. These are easily hung and can be taken down and folded up if you wish to change the style of your space.


•Bright floral pieces can be added to your space to give it that extra pop of color. There are a variety of DIY projects involving floral pieces that can easily be accomplished in one afternoon. Pick colors that coincide with your color scheme and add a pop of color to a dull area.


•Showcase the items you own by placing them on a bookshelf or a bar cart. These will add personal touches to your space and give it some personality. Don’t be afraid to display the pieces you love even if they are a little unconventional.


The trick to decorating any rental is to be creative. If you plan on making any permanent changes you will want to consult your landlord first. We at Imperial Trailer Village in Los Angeles want you to feel at home in our RV Park. Most of our residents have lived here for years and have created a wonderful community in the process. Call us today to learn more about our RV Park and the availability we currently have. 

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