Common RV Repairs Your Can Do Yourself

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Because of their size, RVs tend to break down more often than cars or trucks. The Los Angeles RV Park experts at Imperial Trailer share the most common RV problems and how you can repair them yourself.


Battery Failure


Battery failure can be a pain. The first thing you can do for this repair is to check the fluid levels, because that might be the root of your problem. If you are in a Los Angeles RV Park or a campground with hook ups, plug your RV into AC power and charge it overnight.


 Appliances Not Working


A simple fix to your appliances not working could be that your RVs propane tank is empty. If that isn’t the problem, check the hose connection, vents, and burners. Places like this can cause rust buildups, spider webs, or other debris that could be the problem.


Roof Leaks


The best thing you can do to prevent this from happening is to keep your RV covered. If you cannot keep it covered, inspect your RV monthly for signs of damage. To repair a leaky roof, you can purchase roof patch kits, or use sealing tape for a temporary fix.


Toilet Problems


Fixing a toilet problem is usually an easy thing to do, although it stinks (in more than one way!) Whether the issue is a leaky valve or leaky gasket, the manufactures instructions will show you step-by-step how to fix it.

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