Common Myths About Mobile Homes

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There are several misconceptions about mobile home living and Imperial Trailer Village wants to help clear up some of these common myths. If you are interested in living in our Los Angeles RV Park, we suggest checking out this article if you’re having any doubts or concerns about living in a mobile home or RV.


Residents are Poor

Sometimes living in a mobile home or RV is associated with not having very much money. This is certainly not always the case. Often times people are drawn towards mobile living because they appreciate the quiet and tight-knit community. The fact that it’s an affordable way to live is definitely an additional perk and one that our Los Angeles residents appreciate.


Homes Are Not Secure

Another common misconception is that mobile homes are not stable and that they could blow away if a strong enough wind hit them. This is quite untrue—mobile homes are designed for safe living and with proper care can withstand most natural disasters, just like any home. They are designed to move from location to location but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t hold up to heavy wind or water.


Lack of Space

When people think about the space in mobile homes, they often assume that they are crowded and not spacious enough to live in. On the contrary, there is plenty livable space and in some cases even multiple bedrooms. With some smart decorating and organizing, you can get even more room and will find that your home is comfortable and cozy, but never cramped.


Prone to Fires

It’s often assumed that mobile homes are more prone to fires than on-site homes. This is another misconception as insurance companies have found that moveable homes are not at any increased risk to fires and can actually be safer according to various studies. This doesn’t mean that proper safety precautions shouldn’t be taken to ensure that you are safe in the event of a fire.


They are less energy efficient

This may have been true in the past but mobile homes built after 1976 are designed to be just as energy efficient as any on-site home. There are rules and regulations set in place to make sure that these homes are built to be as energy efficient as possible. If you do live in a mobile home that is old and not designed to save energy, there are things you can do such as installing energy-efficient windows and doors and adding extra insulation to your home.


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