Affordable Housing with a Community Feel

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It’s not a big secret that there is a high quality of life and that the cost of living is increasing in Southern California. People have flocked into our area for years to take advantage of the pleasant weather, booming and diverse economy, and simply to be somewhere that they love. Along with this influx of population has created a simple issue of supply and demand on the area’s housing. The average rental in Inglewood for a two-bedroom apartment, according to RentCafe, is $1655.

Many have found that buying a trailer and living in a trailer park, such as Imperial Trailer Village, our community trailer park near Los Angeles, makes more sense financially for their family than renting a small and overpriced apartment. While trailer parks typically bring stereotypes from the deep recesses of cultural memory, often involving a tornado or two and some otherwise shady characters.

Small-town community feel in the heart of the Los Angeles area

Imperial Trailer Village is a community that breaks all of these stereotypes. Residents of our Los Angeles trailer park are part of a tightly knit community. Many of our residents have lived here for many years. Rent is reasonable for each spot at $900 per month. Because we have a gated entrance and less than twenty spaces and a small house on site, we know our neighbors.

The feeling of community that exists here is very unusual for today’s world, let alone for Southern California. We believe that there is value in creating a community at this time that finds so many people fractured by politics, religion, and generational misunderstandings. Californians are great people, and we love being able to live in a safe and friendly community among neighbors who become like family.

We know that people love living here because of our low vacancy rate. At any given time, we only have a spot or two open. Residents have found a way to live affordably in a housing market that is not particularly known as being affordable and don’t want to leave.

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