The History of RVs

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Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA is the place to be for those avid RVers. We hope you are a fan of interesting RV facts and history as much as we are. Below is a brief history of the RV leading us up to where we are today.



The first motorized campers were built in 1910. 1910 is when the first auto-related camping vehicles were built for commercial sale. Before then, people camped in private rail cars that were pulled to sidings along train routes.



The rise of the RV Camping clubs. Earliest of these clubs were the Tin Can Tourists. The Tin Can Tourists were RVers who braved dust and mud to drive their Tin Lizzies across the U.S. before transcontinental roads were paved. They camped by the side of the road, heated tin cans of food on gasoline stoves and bathed in cold water.



RVs sold in the 1930s used aircraft-style construction and came equipped with beds, dinettes, electricity and water. After World War II, the RV industry flourished as more Americans sought mobility.



Travel trailers came into their own as true towable RVs by 1950. The RV’s evolutionary path in the 50’s included advances in aerodynamic design and interior comforts.


1970 to Present

The advancements to RV’s continue steadily increasing on reliability, functionality, and comfort.


Knowing where the RV has come from to where it is today really makes you appreciate the RV you have today. When you are on your long travels to see what the country has to offer make sure you stop by Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA to see what we can offer you. Call us today to learn more about our availability.

Boating Safety Tips for your Summer Outings

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It’s the perfect time of year to take out your RV, and if you have one, your boat! During your stay here at Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles you might as well take advantage of the warm weather and hit up the nearest lake with your boat in tow. We want you to be safe on your summer outings so we have gathered some boating safety tips for you to follow.


Watch the Weather

Getting caught in a storm while out on your boat can prove to be hazardous. If the conditions are bad enough they can cause harm to yourself and your boat. Make sure you keep up to date on the weather forecast before heading out to go boating.


Look over your Boat

Making sure your boat is in tip top shape before you head out on the water will ensure your safety. Make sure everything is in working order. Check all the fluids needed in the engine and double check for any cracks or leaks within the body of the boat.


Bring a Friend

It is always best to go boating with a friend or family member. This way if something does occur they can help you out in an emergency. If you prefer to go out on your own make sure you let someone know you route and how long you plan on being out on the water. This way they can notify the proper authorities if you are stuck and unable to call for help.



Make sure you use a lifejacket while out on your boat at all times. The majority of drowning victims are the result of boaters not wearing their lifejackets. When purchasing your life jacket make sure you buy the right size and fit for you and all of the members that will be out on your boat with you.


Learn to Swim

It is always wise to be prepared for any situation. If a boating accident does occur you will want to know how to swim. Knowing the proper swimming techniques could save your life in a dire situation.


Take a Boating Course

For beginning boaters it is always a good idea to take a boating course. This will teach you the basics of operating your boat while on the open water and what safety measures to take in case of an emergency. You can learn boating safety rules by taking a local community course or online course to help educate yourself.

Creative Solutions for your Clothing

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When you are living in an RV or small Mobile Home like the ones we have at Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles you are going to need to get creative when it comes to storing your clothing. A lot of the time you don’t have the luxury of a large walk-in closet. To help you out we have come up with some creative storage solutions for your clothing.


Under the Bed Storage

You have a few options when it comes to utilizing the available storage space under your bed. You can go with the plastic storage totes that are made to fit under your bed. Or you can use a storage savvy platform that sits under your mattress. It's the perfect spot for storing sweaters you usually throw on shelves.


Stylish Shelving

In cases like this you will be left with finding different storage and closet organization methods. Try using shelving in a creative way. Whether you use floating shelves, book shelves, or even open shelving, you can create a cute and functional closet space.



Wardrobes are just as handy as traditional closets and can even make a statement in your room. If you are lucky enough to come across an old one at a garage sale you can revamp it and make it your own. These are the perfect solution when it comes to lacking in necessary closet space.


Store Vertically

Now is the time it get into the habit of thinking vertically. Invest in tall shelving units and storage solutions that take up the least amount of floor space. You can easily throw in a stylish rustic ladder to store your shoes, sweaters, or to help you reach the top of your highest shelf.