The History of RVs

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Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA is the place to be for those avid RVers. We hope you are a fan of interesting RV facts and history as much as we are. Below is a brief history of the RV leading us up to where we are today.



The first motorized campers were built in 1910. 1910 is when the first auto-related camping vehicles were built for commercial sale. Before then, people camped in private rail cars that were pulled to sidings along train routes.



The rise of the RV Camping clubs. Earliest of these clubs were the Tin Can Tourists. The Tin Can Tourists were RVers who braved dust and mud to drive their Tin Lizzies across the U.S. before transcontinental roads were paved. They camped by the side of the road, heated tin cans of food on gasoline stoves and bathed in cold water.



RVs sold in the 1930s used aircraft-style construction and came equipped with beds, dinettes, electricity and water. After World War II, the RV industry flourished as more Americans sought mobility.



Travel trailers came into their own as true towable RVs by 1950. The RV’s evolutionary path in the 50’s included advances in aerodynamic design and interior comforts.


1970 to Present

The advancements to RV’s continue steadily increasing on reliability, functionality, and comfort.


Knowing where the RV has come from to where it is today really makes you appreciate the RV you have today. When you are on your long travels to see what the country has to offer make sure you stop by Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA to see what we can offer you. Call us today to learn more about our availability.


Imperial Trailer Village is an RV Park in Los Angeles, CA that can give you the home you need for your RV. We like to also be your source of tips and tricks when to making full time RV living easy and enjoyable. If you are sharing your small living space with a spouse, family member or friend then you will really need the tips listed below to help you live in such tight quarters with a roommate.


Set some Ground Rules

The key to living with someone else peacefully is to sit down and have an honest talk with one another. Let your roommate know what tends to get on your nerves. Such things could include not immediately loading the dishwasher when you are done eating or leaving the toilet roll empty. Establishing ground rules will help to prevent any future fights.


Be Realistic

Living with someone else will never be absolutely perfect. You will have to cater to each other’s needs to make it a peaceful environment to live in. You will also need to be realistic about the amount of space you are both living in. Smaller spaces will take getting used to and some good organization skills. Make the most out of the storage space you have available.  


Divide the Chores

While this may seem like something you would do with your future children, it can help create a fair and peaceful living arrangement. If one person is left doing the dishes all the time, a fight is sure to arise. Sit down with your roommate and divide the necessary house chores evenly. It is suggest that you each take turns doing the variety of chores needed so you don’t get burned out doing one specific task all of the time. Don’t get on your roommates case everyday about the chores. Come up with a system to hold each other accountable. Make sure you take into account your weekly schedules as well.