What Small Kitchen Appliance Is a Must-Have?

When you have a smaller kitchen, it’s hard to find space for all of your necessities. I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. I love the cool multi-cookers this, and 10 in 1 that. Problem is, when you don’t have space, you either have to abstain from the latest craze, which is better for the pocketbook, or find small appliances that are multi-purpose and use them that way. My current favorite go-to gadget can handle breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts in minutes, and I use it all of the time!


You might be thinking that I am talking about the latest cooking craze to hit the internet, an electric pressure cooker. Those are great and versatile, but they are bulky and rather expensive. My little powerhouse is nothing other than a simple $20 electric waffle iron. Its footprint is amazingly small and can be stored in a drawer, on the shelf, or on my countertop.


Other than the limit on how many waffles can be made per batch, this little powerhouse is fast. It heats up quickly and cooks in a few minutes. You don’t have to heat up your trailer at our trailer park in Los Angeles to have a yummy treat.


Stick with me – this might blow your mind. You can make anything from waffles to brownies in your waffle iron. Next time you are hungry for a quick grilled cheese, grab your waffle iron, some bread, cheese and non-stick spray and you are in for a huge treat!

Quickie Grilled Cheese

·      Preheat the waffle iron

·      Spray with non stick cooking spray

·      Assemble sandwich with bread and cheese and pop into the waffle iron

·      Check after about 4-5 minutes for doneness and enjoy

·      Bonus: Add meat, veggies, mixtures of different types of cheeses, veggies, to the sandwich to level up to level expert.

·      You can do the same with tortillas as a quesadilla; add marinara for a quick pizza, etc.

Cheater’s Cinnamon Rolls – use a roll of pre-made refrigerated cinnamon rolls

·      Place 1 bun in preheated waffle iron sprayed with non-stick spray

·      Cook 5-8 minutes, checking for doneness

·      Bonus – you can do the same with biscuit dough, etc. for donuts

Brownie Waffles

·      Preheat and spray waffle iron with nonstick spray

·      Use your favorite brownie batter or mix and cook until done – usually 5-8 minutes

·      Bonus – cake batter can make a quick treat as well.

Essentially, any batter that has the consistency of waffle batter (try corn bread mix for a treat) can be cooked in the waffle iron. I hope that you have some added awe for the humble waffle iron. We’re big fans at Imperial Trailer Village, a leading Los Angeles RV park.