Three Ways to Seriously Save on Cell Phone, Internet + Computer, and Amazon Prime

Did you know that you can save each month on these bills and still have the coverage that you want? It’s true, and many of our residents at Imperial Trailer Village, a Los Angeles trailer park are doing just that!

Ditch the expensive cell phone plan

Take a deep breath – really, you can do it and receive the same coverage with the Lifeline program. This government assistance program helps lower income Americans with their communications bill. It’s easy to qualify and it only takes a few minutes.

California LifeLine offers low income families discounts on their land or cell phones. You can either qualify for this service by receiving assistance from a program, such as Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, SSI, among others, or by having an income that qualifies your household. A family of four qualifies for the program if their annual household income is less than $38,100 annually. It is important to note that benefits are not awarded per person, rather per household.

Get high speed internet for about $10 per month

There are several companies that offer low-cost (and high speed) internet services for those who receive assistance from federal programs or whose children are on the free/reduced lunch program. Again, this is a one benefit per household program. Speeds and coverage vary, but are comparable with those that are several times more expensive. This program renews annually, and qualification is quick and easy.

An added bonus for the low cost internet providers is that many of them include an opportunity to purchase a laptop or desktop computer for between $149-200. Some providers, such as Comcast Internet Essentials, limit the time that you can purchase these machines to the first few months of enrollment, so read the fine print.

Amazon Prime savings

Did you know that if you receive SNAP benefits that you are eligible to receive Amazon Prime for $6.99 per month, a $7/month savings? In fact, Amazon recently expanded this program to include families who have at least one person covered by Medicaid to also be eligible. This allows families access to free two-day shipping, all free content on Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music. Since the video library is so vast, you can also cut the cord and cable bill and use this service exclusively or add a few premium channels right from Amazon.

An added bonus is that we’ve discovered that we can join survey sites that reward with Amazon gift certificates, so that you can build a gift card balance in your account and save for holidays, essentials, etc.

If you find any other tips to save and pass onto the residents of our trailer park in Los Angeles, please let us know.