When you have a smaller kitchen, it’s hard to find space for all of your necessities. I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. I love the cool multi-cookers this, and 10 in 1 that.
Did you know that you can save each month on these bills and still have the coverage that you want? It’s true, and many of our residents at Imperial Trailer Village, a Los Angeles trailer park are doing just that! Ditch the expensive cell phone plan Take a deep breath – really, you can do it and receive the same coverage with the Lifeline program.
Being a premier RV park in Los Angeles, we’re in the midst of the entertainment capitol of the world. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite movies/shows with RVs. It’s a travesty that even though the RV plays a major character, not one of them was recognized for an Oscar-winning performance.
It’s not a big secret that there is a high quality of life and that the cost of living is increasing in Southern California. People have flocked into our area for years to take advantage of the pleasant weather, booming and diverse economy, and simply to be somewhere that they love. Along with this influx of population has created a simple issue of supply and demand on the area’s housing.
It is estimated that nearly one million people live in an RV full time in the United States. Most of the time, when people think about permanent RVers, they think about retired couples and/or Snowbirds. While there is no doubt that a significant percentage of permanent RVers are retirees, there is a growing trend with families adopting the RVer lifestyle before retirement.
Imperial Trailer Village is an RV Park in Los Angeles California that loves its residents and wants them to feel at home. To help you feel at home in our RV Park we have gathered some helpful tips to help you in creating a decluttered and relaxing space, no matter if it is in you RV or your mobile home. Check out some of the reasons why you need to declutter your living space below.
  With Imperial Trailer Village RV Park being located in Los Angeles, California we can serve as the perfect home destination for you and your RV travels. When you are in the area we want to make sure you get the most out of your trip to California this upcoming winter. We have gathered some amazing places to visit during your RV travels.
  Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles, CA is the place to be for those avid RVers. We hope you are a fan of interesting RV facts and history as much as we are. Below is a brief history of the RV leading us up to where we are today.
  It’s the perfect time of year to take out your RV, and if you have one, your boat! During your stay here at Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles you might as well take advantage of the warm weather and hit up the nearest lake with your boat in tow. We want you to be safe on your summer outings so we have gathered some boating safety tips for you to follow.
When you are living in an RV or small Mobile Home like the ones we have at Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles you are going to need to get creative when it comes to storing your clothing. A lot of the time you don’t have the luxury of a large walk-in closet. To help you out we have come up with some creative storage solutions for your clothing.
  Imperial Trailer Village is an RV Park in Los Angeles, CA that can give you the home you need for your RV. We like to also be your source of tips and tricks when to making full time RV living easy and enjoyable. If you are sharing your small living space with a spouse, family member or friend then you will really need the tips listed below to help you live in such tight quarters with a roommate.
  Even though you have the privilege of living in an RV that doesn’t mean you can avoid the need for some spring cleaning. Now that the weather has warmed up you can park your RV at Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles and give your RV the deep cleaning it needs. Here are some tips you help you with the spring cleaning process.
Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles loves the RV style of living. Our facility can accommodate you during your stay in our area. We know you love your RV lifestyle as much as we do so we have gathered some interesting RV Facts for you to check out below.
  Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles welcomes families of all ages and sizes. Our community consists of 17 mobile home/trailer/RV spaces with one two bedroom house on the premises as well. To help you in making sure your living space is suitable for your family we have provided you with some tips when it comes to babyproofing.
  Your bedroom should be a place to escape from the stresses of your daily life. If your bedroom hasn’t been given the cleaning it deserves in quite some time then this sanctuary could just be adding to the stress of your life. Imperial Trailer Village RV Park in Los Angeles can give you a place to call your own for as little or as long as you like.
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